- Olympic National Park -

 The Olympic National Park is known for its stunning and jaw dropping scenery. It has giant forests full of ferns and spruces that are covered in moss, giving it an almost jungle like feel. The park has tons of different ecosystems and animals. Come enjoy nature up close at the Olympic National Park. Here is where the beautiful mountains meet the coast creating a unique and diverse place for all to enjoy and get lost in. 
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The Coast

Washington is known for its coasts. The shores are lined with driftwood and giant logs from fallen trees. Most of the shores are tougher sand and some rocky shores. The beaches are home to Seagulls and other adapted bay birds.

One of the most beautiful parts of the park is the beaches. They have little rock outcrops and small islands that stand tall despite the pounding waves that have slowly eroded the rocks.

The beaches have colder water under the normally grey sky. A popular lake to visit is lake Cushman because of rising tides the lake has hundreds of stumps that suddenly appear. The lake is a deep blue and turquoise and a beautiful sight to visit.

Port Townsend is an old seemingly abandoned port town with docks. When constructed it thought to become another Seattle and draw in a lot of people. When the railroad didn't come it became an old fishing town.
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Mountains and Hikes

Aside from Washington's beautiful coast. Enjoy the thick and amazing hikes and sights in the mountains of the Olympic National Park. The park is up near the top of the United States and from its hikes and mountains you can see Canada. 

One of the popular hikes is the Hurricane ridge trail. See the giant mossy pines and furs over 5,500 feet above sea level.  The dark green trees and moss add a stark contrast against the yellow grass, with a blue and grey sky. The deep and thick forest has an almost gloomy feel to the giant trees.  

One of the most unique and secret sight of Washington is the Tree of life. This tree is a Sitka Spruce and is a floating tree. The trees roots keep it intact as it hangs over a 10 foot gap between the ground. Due to erosion and the little stream that falls into the little cave it creates a unique and must see sight for visitors. 
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